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The safe guarding of People, protection of the Environment, integrity of Assets and protection of Reputation are the fundamentals of Safety and Emergency Management in the Renewable Energy Industry.

With these baseline pillars, clients partner with PASS from the planning stage through construction, commissioning and operation to ensure safety and emergency management are a high priority of any activities

Corporate Emergency Management


Crisis Management Philology 

Renewable Emergency Management
Safety in partnership
Emergency Planning






24 hr Emergency Services

Working in this industry has unique hazards across the range of activities. Some of the risks include working at height, transport by air or boat, manual handling and simultaneous operations.

We assist organisations to reduce the risk to staff to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.

Working with organisations and employees, we pride ourselves on delivering practical end to end solutions for health, safety, environmental, and emergency management.

We believe in investing in the planning stage to ensure that every employee gets to go home safely to their families.

PASS prides themselves in developing relationships and empowering the conversation.

With established relationships across the regulation, state government, industry and emergency service sectors, PASS is your go to organisation to get traction and ensure the right people are around the table. 

With established relationships PASS has the ability to assist organisations with their training and development needs. 

Whether it is safety training in GWO or development of staff in WH&S, PASS has the relationships and expertise to ensure compliance is acheved and confidence is instilled in staff.

We understand the nature of industry is that unfortunately things don't go as planned.

Therefore we have the ability to ensure you are in safe hands with services delivered around the clock.

Our skillsets include:

  • Safety Management Staff

  • Emergency Responders

  • Occupational Health Nurses and Paramedics

  • Security Services and Solutions

What Our Clients Say

Solar Panels
R Masters Photo

Russell, Emergency Services Officer

As a first responder with nearly 30 yrs experience I can say it’s not often I’ve come across a group of trainers with the knowledge and passion that Craig and his team have.

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