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Safety the forefront of Magnesium adventure

Protective and Safety Services is delighted to announce our ongoing collaboration with Mincore and Latrobe Magnesium, as a trusted local safety provider. We take pride in our partnership, which has consistently delivered top-notch safety training and played a crucial role in establishing and refining construction safety systems.

PASS have been instrumental in tailoring safety measures to align seamlessly with the progressive nature of LMG's plant construction projects. Our commitment to a safe working environment is unwavering, and we believe that our collaboration with is a testament to this dedication.

Together, we are continuously reviewing and enhancing our safety protocols to ensure they evolve in tandem with LMG's plant construction progression. We recognise the importance of staying proactive in addressing safety concerns, and our partnership reflects our shared commitment to the well-being of our employees.

LMG values the expertise and support provided by PASS, and we are confident that this collaboration will contribute significantly to the success and sustainability of the project during construction, commissioning and operations.

Protective and Safety Services provides integrated services including:

  • Provision of Safety Manager & Advisors

  • Safety & Emergency Equipment Inspections

  • Accredited Training Services

  • Subject Matter Expertise advice

  • Safety & Emergency Equipment Supply

  • Safety & Emergency Standby Services

For your workplace solutions contact Protective and Safety Services to discuss your solution options.

1800 467 277

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