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CERT III Emergency Response Programs at P.A.S.S.

The CERT III programs at P.A.S.S. cover a wide range of essential topics, making them an invaluable asset to anyone seeking a career in emergency services.

These include risk management, road accident rescue, vertical rescue, fire protection, urban fire training, and response to emergency situations. P.A.S.S. ensures that participants are well-prepared to handle fire emergencies and respond to a variety of critical situations.

In addition to the core curriculum, participants gain practical insights into emergency preparedness, including developing emergency plans, using emergency equipment, and understanding emergency management courses.

These skills are vital in ensuring a rapid and effective response when it matters most.

Contact P.A.S.S. today to discuss how their expertise can benefit your organization in risk management:

📞 Phone: 1800 467 277

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Stay tuned for more news and updates as P.A.S.S. continues to shape the future of safety and risk management.

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